Small steps help you climb Mt. Fuji: My first steps (January Challenge)

Every change that you decide to make to improve yourself usually ends up being worth it in the end, but that end is always so far away when you first start!  In this post, I will tell you why I decided to change my lifestyle, the plan I made to accomplish it, and the first few steps I took on this journey.  

Why did I decide to do this??

As I mentioned on my home page, in 2016, I decided to reduce as much plastic from my life as possible.  I was inspired to make the decision after watching several videos online that showed sea animals with various plastic products harming them in some way and the videos showing the plastic islands that are in the oceans now (if you aren’t sure what the plastic islands are that I am referring to, you should check out the documentary A Plastic Ocean).  

Easier Said than Done….

But after making the decision, I looked around my apartment and was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in my space.  How was it possible that I had accumulated so much of this toxic stuff??  I am sure that my apartment is not the only one in the world that has multiple plastic things within arm’s reach!  I started to feel defeated by the sheer magnitude of my goal.  

The Plan for Success

Fear not though, for I am one stubborn b-, I mean, determined lady!  I would not fail! I made a plan to change one thing that contained plastic to a plastic-free option each month.  The first month, I decided to take it slow.  I knew from personal experience in other endeavors that small victories would boost my confidence and build momentum for future success.

The First Step

I replaced all of the soaps in my house with bar soap from Lush.  Lush is located in 46 countries worldwide and there happened to be a shop near my work in Sendai, Japan.  The bar soaps from Lush come with no plastic wrapping or packaging of any kind and when you purchase them, they wrap each bar in paper for you.  Typically, they are sold by weight.  They also have shampoo bars,but when I looked that time, they were wrapped in packaging.  So, I opted to only do the face and body soaps that time (as I had far grander plans in regards to lotions and shampoos that I would start later).  Because I started with such a small step, the following month, I was eager to try a more challenging change!

Every positive improvement that we try to make in our lives start with one small step.  For me, it started with a black charcoal face soap and a toffee-scented body scrub.  Now you know what you need to do.  Decide on the goal. Make a plan. Take the first step.

And after you do all those steps (or before…or any other time), let me know what your goal is to help our lovely earth!  Comment below!

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