Green Review: Reusable Face Pads

It has been a while, but I finally have time to do another Green Review!  This review will be on reusable cotton circles. I actually purchased these ages ago but wanted to use up all of the regular ones I had before starting on these ones…it is another form of waste to just throw away what you have, ya know?  

For this review, I also tried my hand at including a video to go along with it.  Click here if you would rather watch the video or keep reading below!

What are reusable face pads and why should I use them?

For many people, the day begins and ends by washing their face.  This ritual often uses cotton in some form; it could be as cotton balls to spread cleansers or moisturizers or to remove makeup and dirt in order to go to bed with a clean face.  And after the ritual is finished? Those cotton products usually end up in the trash bin.

“What’s wrong with that? Aren’t they biodegradable?” you might be thinking….I know my parents thought that when I introduced them to my set (shout-out to my dad for the use of his woodworking tools to make a clamp-tripod for the video!).  Well, the problem with these cotton products–and really ALL cotton products–goes back to the roots…well….more like the farming practices and not the roots themselves, but you get what I mean.

Cotton farming is incredibly ‘dirty.’  According to The World Counts website, it takes 10,000 liters of water to produce just one kilogram of cotton!  So much water was used for cotton farming in one region that the 4th largest lake in the world has all but disappeared.  Additionally, cotton farming uses far more pesticides and herbicides than any other crop! Hopefully, you can see why making this swap is necessary…

The product:

The set that I got online came with 16 cotton rounds in three different colors and a mesh bag to wash them all in.  To test them out, I used them to remove all of my makeup after a night on the town and also to remove my nail polish after a manicure.  

The pros:

So, what did I like about these?  Well, they are much thicker and sturdier than regular disposable ones.  I could use one of the pads to remove a lot more than I could with a single disposable one, so that was nice.  Also, the reusable ones are double-layered and I really liked that I could use one side to clean the bulk of the makeup off and then use the other side of it to clean up the last little bit.  

The cons:

If you are someone that wears makeup everyday, there might not be enough in one set to keep you stocked for daily makeup removal.  You can see from the video that it took me four cotton circles to get all of the makeup off (granted….I wear A LOT of makeup when I go out) so if you beat your face daily, you may need two sets.  

Also, and this is probably obvious for everyone except me, the polish doesn’t come out completely when washed.  I should have thought of that when I used them to remove polish (which doesn’t come out of anything!) but I didn’t.  My plan is to just use the ones I ruined as the designated ‘polish remover’ cotton circles. To be clear, there wasn’t any polish left over on the cotton, just the color stain was still there.  

Final Takeaway

I am really glad that I got these .  These reusable face pads help the environment in multiple ways: by reducing the waste I produce, by lowering my dependence on planet-damaging cotton farming, and by reducing all of the packaging that would have been produced to hold the disposable cotton rounds.  

Do you use reusable cotton rounds at your home?  What other beauty swaps can you recommend? Comment below~

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