6 sites to help you reach your green goals

In an effort to be completely transparent with you all, I want to make it clear that I am not being paid to promote these sites nor was I contacted by them in any way.  I just wanted to share with you the sites that give me motivation to be greener and less carbon-footprinty.  I hope you are able to learn as much for these sites as I have learned.  

Making the conscious decision to change your lifestyle is always a hard and overwhelming challenge.  It can also be difficult to wade through all of the information online regarding your topic and what steps you can take to start.  To help you on your green journey, I have compiled this list of my go-to sites for reference, recipes, and ideas to make you a more environmentally friendly citizen of the world.  

This is the site that started it all for me.  After seeing some videos about how plastic is destroying our oceans, I went to this site and looked her list of 100 things I can change to reduce my plastic.  Many of the challenges I tried in the first year came from this list and though some of them are easy no matter what country you live in (bringing your own bag) others are quite challenging for expats (choosing milk in glass bottles is impossible in both Japan and Korea).  This list is expansive enough to allow people living all over the world to make changes.

I love Wellness Mama for several reasons.  First, she often has very simple recipes for her DIY projects–simple recipes are best for expats because there are less ingredients to find/import/make substitutions for.  Secondly, if you are a member (which I was hesitant to sign up for but eventually did), she has a very extensive and helpful ebook library.  I am particularly fond of her Coconut oil uses ebook (because coconut oil has been available and reasonably priced in Japan and Korea).  

This site appeals to the scientist in me because it has references for everything they post.  The section for different issues is a particular favorite of mine as I use it to set my yearly and monthly eco-goals.  The site also has so many great ideas for how to reduce your carbon footprint by making small changes.  The list of eco tips is countless; I refer to it often to see if I can make any new changes!

I first found Small Footprint Family when I was doing a search on how to be a more eco-friendly traveler.  Before moving abroad, I had never had a chance to travel, and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that being an expat has to offer, but I also don’t want to damage any of the places I visit either.  This post got me thinking about how I can be more responsible as a traveler and really got me interested in eco-tourism and eco-volunteering.

This page will be my go-to page this year as my 2018 eco-goal was to completely eliminate my food waste.  I actually became aware of food waste as an issue when I was looking for lesson plans for my ESL students late last year.  I found a lesson plan that informed students (and me!) about this issue, some of the steps taken in other countries, and encouraged students to think of solutions for reducing food waste in their own communities.  It got me thinking that I should do more to reduce my food waste too.  

I find this site to be both a blessing and a curse!  The first thing you should do is calculate your carbon footprint based on where you live and various aspects of your lifestyle.  I think many people will be shocked at the size of their footprint is–I sure was! While mine was lower than the estimated footprint average in Korea, it was still far larger than the target proposed.  After that shocking discovery, the site shows loads of ways to offset your footprint.  

When starting your green journey, it can be overwhelming.  I hope you use the sites above to set your goals and make your plans.  If you do, you will be successful in reducing your waste.

I hope you have enjoyed this list and can find things you help you on your eco-journey.  Do you have other sites you use?  Share the site with me by commenting below!

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