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Hi all and thanks for visiting my blog!  Let’s start with a bit of an intro: my name is Ash and originally I am from the U.S. but I have been an expat for nearly seven years now.  I lived in Japan for five years then spent two months studying in Vietnam, a year and a half in South Korea, and now I am in Bulgaria.

As an expat in these countries, I quickly noticed that it is extremely difficult to be eco-friendly beyond the ‘bring-your-own-bag-and-water-bottle’ mentality.  I constantly felt guilty about how much waste I was creating so in 2016, my New Year’s resolution was to make a small change every month to reduce my plastic waste.  This was the first New Year’s Resolution that I have stuck to (and am still sticking to)!

On this blog, I will outline some of the simple (and some not-so-simple but worth it) changes you can make to reduce your plastic and make your life more eco-friendly.  Some of the things can be quite difficult to change (depending on where you live), so I will also show you various places to get specific items that are able to ship to (hopefully) wherever you are.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way perfect–far from it, actually–so what I am doing in this blog is outlining things I have tried and failed or things that I have made what I perceived to be the best option available to me at that time.  I don’t always end up with the best solution to things, but that is part of the journey.  I am learning to be better everyday just like you are.  So with that in mind, please be kind when pointing out my mishaps.  We are all humans trying to make the world a better place.  

Thanks again for reading and please comment on things you would like to read about or tell me some creative ways that you are eco-friendly in your life.



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